Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Scrapbooking Haul From Ace Hardware!

Hello everyone, I juat felt the need to share a little something with you.

Hubby and I had to make a little stop at Ace Hardware on the way home from Office Depot. We were in search of some #8 shipping tags. (If any of you know where to get a  good deal on them please contact me ok?)
Anyway, I was just looking around while hubby went to get what he was after and low and behold there was a craft area chunked full of scrapbooking goodies. I couldn't believe it! I thought I was in scrapbook heaven. It  was what they call "the dollar section".

So I collected myself and with loving care, made my purchases. When I finally finished and returned to the checkout, where hubby was patiently waiting for me, I was quite content in knowing that my item would be a dollar each. But nooooo. They actually turned out to be fifty cents each!

With hubby still waiting for me and not saying a word (he's such a sweetie), I went back and got more.
 This is what I got. I am still learning the upload process and I hope this article comes before the photos but if not it's ok.
  Satin ribbon/ qnty: 2 pks
Embossed stickkers/ 4pks

Wooden buttons/5pks
Forever In Time stickers/7 pks
3D stickers w/glitter/ 9pks

This is the end of my haul from Ace Hardware. Excuse me while I go to my studio and get Scrappin!
Til the next time....Be Blessed!

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