Monday, December 5, 2011


It takes no time at all for us to have scraps pile up on us after a few paper projects. Some us will take care of this little problem asap and, there are those of  us who tend to let them go just a little bit longer. I am one of the ones who has to take a day and designate it just for scraps!

On  particular day while I was hard at work in my little shop of horrors, I moved a stack of papers and there lay a mini .  One I had been working on at an earlier date and  had gotton itself lost in the pile of my creative mess.

Glancing through this little lost mini album I could see it had the need for pockets, tags and other things. So I would store scraps and  I would work on the mini.  And before I knew it the scraps were put in there places and the mini was complete!

So,here is a look at "my little scrap mini". Hope you like it. Please leave a comment.

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  1. I love your little "scrap mini". I know what it's like not to finish a mini.........I'm going to send them to you to finish for me, Ha Ha. I have alot to finish. Hugs, Velma